"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections".

I found this quote today and fell in love!  Lately I have been trying so hard to be the perfect Wife, Mama, Friend, Daughter, Sister & Business Owner that I think lost sight of why I started Little Boo in the first place.  I literally was driving myself crazy!  I have been working SO hard and July has been such a GREAT month for Little Boo Creations, but I have not taken one moment out to celebrate!  

The ONLY things that I am seeing is how my house is a total wreck and beyond help in the cleaning department...The laundry is piled up and none of it is clean...we have had hot dogs probably 4 nights in the last  week & half.  

I have been crazy busy with orders, but did a good job procrastinating and then worked like a mad women to get them done on time and even at that a couple went out late...which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  But have you ever got to the point where you had SO much to do that you didn't know where to start so you don't start at all???  

It is so silly, because I told a good friend that if I would just start, most of the things on my list would not take me very long.  :o)  So I made a list and started checking it off.  My orders got out of the door and it felt SO good to get them delivered.  One of them was a whole sale order and I got to spend some time helping her set them up and and then take a tour of her studio!  It was SO much fun!  Plus I got to hang with Shari from Davey Cakes and that made it extra fun!

But now the piles are getting smaller since I am actually going through them and putting the things away instead of moving them around (which I am really good at).  After reading this quote I am letting go of my idea that being happy means being perfect!  It is okay if my house is not super clean at all times...it is okay that my laundry is piled everywhere...and it is okay that we tend to eat the same thing multiple nights a week!  :o) 

The rest of it will get done and if it doesn't that is okay...TODAY I am looking past my imperfections and I am going to be happy...because my heart is full of love, I am loved, and I am doing what I love each and every day! 

Here are a couple of pictures for some of the tutus from my orders...

Made Special for a 3 yr old Ballerina ~ Extra Sparkle!  :o) 

This was made for some special friends of ours that just had a baby girl!  She was so sweet and I could have sat and help her for hours!  I hat to say it but I have some MAJOR baby fever!  I loved the way that this turned out!  


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