Thank You, Thank You...

 At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame with in us.  ~ Albert Schweitzer

My Friend Sarah's daughter, Gabriella

Today I am just feeling overwhelmed by the support of family and friends and even some strangers!  It is one of those days that I really feel like I can do anything!  

My friend Deanna's nieces

From sweet comments left on the blog and/or facebook to calling me up asking me if I have something in a certain color. :o)  I feel blessed!  So to say Thank You (and I know it is hard to shop when I don't have many pictures up) Everything is 15% off till Friday at Midnight (EST)!  :o)  

P.S.  ~  I am starting to work on pictures so hopefully they will be up soon!  :o)  

My beautiful nieces Ansley & Madison

Red, White & Cute....

Oh Say Can You See...

I don't think my photography skills do this tutu justice...but the picture still turned out cute!  I wanted to do something for the 4th of what is more perfect than an American Flag Tutu!  :o)  This tutu is about 75 yards of tulle in red, white, & blue.  It is accented with white felt stars and a red, white, & blue ribbon bow.  To top it off it comes with a matching flower clip and headband.  
***The shirt is not included, for photo use only.***  

***Ribbon & Flowers may vary due to availability!***
***For ordering information please see the "Tutu" page!***

It's Monday!

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~ Harriet Tubman

My Little Boo!  

Sorry for the little hiatus.  My Hubby was off all last week, so it was a little crazy in our household.  I thought I would get a ton done, but really having him home threw us out of our routine!  But I loved having him here and for Boo to get to spend some time with him after a busy tax season!  :o)  But I am back this week!

 So if you haven't noticed I made some slight changes to the blog.  I got a couple comments on how difficult the blog was to navigate and that they would love to see some prices.  So I now have a Diaper Cake tab and have all the prices listed.  Under Flowers I now have all the products I carry, instead of the different fabrics I carry.  Soon there will be pictures of all the products and prices to go with them.  So bear with me as I try to get it all set up!  I am trying to get it done this week, but we will see!  :o)

Just when I think that I have all my doubts and fears stomped out something will happen that puts me back two or three steps.  In the last couple of weeks I have had a couple set backs, that really made me question everything.  But in the end I realized it doesn't matter what people think of me, it is ALL about me and am I proud of the work I do?  I am!  I love creating new thing and coming up with new ideas.  I have so many new flower clips I want to try!  I just need more hours in the day!  So my goal this week is to come up with a schedule for my life.  :o)  Haha!  I was really good at keeping a schedule when I was working in the Corporate world, but since being home I have not done so well.  It is pretty bad, when my best friend is coming over and saying "Stephanie, I have never seen your house like this"!  I don't think there was one piece of carpet that was showing or counter space for that part!  Between Little Boo and Boo's toys, they have taken over my house!  :o)  One day I will take a picture of my work space or lack there of!

Make sure to check out Tutu Tuesday tomorrow!  I am showing off a new Tutu that I just finished!  :o)

Happy Monday!  If you are a stay-at-home you keep a schedule of any kind?


Sorry for the lack of blogging!  I have not been feeling 100% this week.  My husband is an public tax accountant  and this is the worst possible week to get sick, but little boo and I have some type of bug or allergies...but I am leaning towards a bug.  I have so much to share with everyone and will be back soon!  But I will leave you with a cool picture of me and my hubby from a friends wedding!  :o)

Tutu Tuesday

This Tutu is designed specifically for newborn pictures.  The tulle does not go all the way around baby so when you are doing tummy pictures she does not have to lay on all that tulle.  It is double layered, making it extra fluffy!  Included in the set is a headband for baby and a beautiful flower clip.  Great idea for a gift for mama...display at shower on a bottle (wine or bubble bath) for a cute center piece.  Also great for photographers for a prop for any new born shoot.  Can be customized to any color that you want!  Tutu is hand knotted, making it very sturdy!  

Do not fear...

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight. ~ Benjamin Franklin

(Red, White, & Blue Flower Pins...current order I am working on...6 of them!)

I know that I have said this before, but in starting this business I had and still have so much fear!  I have to say though that with the support system that is around me I almost am to the point that I can say I don't think I will fail!  I have already accomplished more than I ever thought!  Little Boo Creations is taking dream is becoming a reality!  It is SO much fun to see all the things I have made worn by girls of all ages!  I almost need more hours in the day just so I can accomplish all the things that are floating around in my head!  :o)  I have found my "it" passion!  I love being a mommy and that is what I get to do, at the same time as doing something I love!  I get to "create things".  There are SO many creative people in the world.  At the last market I was in awe of so many people and all of the COOL things they can do!  :o) 

(Knotted Flower Pin...I am working on a order of 7 of these in different colors)

Now I am not saying I get to sit back and it is all down hill from here!  I still have so much to overcome.  But the one thing that I am dealing with less and less these days is FEAR.  You are either going to like my stuff or not....secretly I hope you do, but if you don't I am going to be okay!  :o)  

I still have so much to do to get ready for the May Woodstock Market & Show, but I got some orders in last week that I have been working on so my to do list is about the same as last week (well a little longer)!  I will be at the East Cobb Market this Saturday from 10-4...if you are local come by and say Hi!  Have a wonderful (and productive week)!!!

Thankful Thursday!

Two of the cutest little girls with their new hats!  :o)  Thanks Kammie & Kassidy!

Today I am just Thankful!  So everything and anything is 20% off!  This sale will end Friday, April 8th at midnight!  Anything you see on the blog is just an example, I love special orders!!!  Email me at with any questions and/or orders!  

Diaper Cakes

                       As Shown ~ $60.00                       As Shown ~ $45.00

Here is the pricing I came up with, but really it is just a guide.  All Diaper Cakes are custom made-to-order...meaning the sky is the limit!  If you have a certain price range in mind and/or certain items in mind, let me know and I will gladly create something for you!  ***Interested in Cloth Diapers...I will gladly look into it.  
Theme Ideas...Noah's Ark, Sports, Safari, Zebra, and so many more!  

Little Boo Cake:

(26 diapers, 1 bottle, ribbon, & icing)
3-Tier ~ $40
 (66 diapers, 1 bottle, ribbon, & icing)
4-Tier ~ $65
(125 diapers, 2 bottles, ribbon & icing)

Big Boo Cake:

2-Tier ~ $35 ~
    (26 diapers, 1 bottle, 1 receiving blanket/burp cloth, 1 accessory, ribbon, & icing)
3-Tier ~ $50
    (66 diapers, 1 bottle, 2 receiving blankets/burp cloths, 1 accessory, ribbon, &    icing)
4-Tier ~ $80 
    (125 diapers, 2 bottles, 3 receiving blankets/burp cloths, 1 accessory, ribbon & icing)

Royal Boo Cake:

2-Tier ~ $45
   (26 diapers, 1 bottle, 2 receiving blankets/burp cloths, 1 accessory, 1 name/message       plaque, ribbon, & icing)
3-Tier ~ $60
   (66 diapers, 1 bottle, 3 receiving blankets/burp cloths, 1 accessory, 1 name/message plaque, ribbon, & icing)
4-Tier ~ $100
   (125 diapers, 2 bottles, 5 receiving blankets/burp cloths, 1 accessory, 1 name/message plaque, ribbon, & icing)

A La Carte:
Blankets/Burp Cloths ~ $5.00 each
Name or Message ~ $2.50 each
Bottles upgrade ~ $5.00 each

Accessories ~ $5.00 each
Flower Headband (includes flower clip and crochet headband), Paci’s, Plush Animal Topper, Rubber Ducky, Travel Sized Bath Product

*** Custom Orders are Encouraged!!!! ***

TuTu Tuesday!!!

Go Dawgs!  

This Tutu is perfect for any little cheerleader!  This specific one is a 0-6 months and is made with a little over 25 yards of tulle.  It also has matching ribbons!  All we need is your favorite teams colors and we can make your cheerleader "tutu" cute!  Each tutu comes with a free matching headband.  I can find most teams fabric, but those that I can't I will make a flower that is the team colors!  

If you ever are looking for a specific Tutu, let me know and I am always up for a challenge!  Hope you have a "cheery" day!!! :o)

Striking Out...

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." ~ George Herman "Babe" Ruth

I chose this quote because it was a perfect lead in to tell you about my weekend!  Here are a few pictures from my set up!  The wind was really blowing so my things are a little wind blown and the pollen was out of control.  My black table cloths were almost yellow when I took them up yesterday!  :o)  Oh and you will see my new creation!  Custom Diaper Cakes!!!

I tried really hard to get a Super Sunday Post up, but after three days at Woodstock Market & Show, I was wiped out and don't think I really moved from the couch until I forced myself to go to bed!  

What a great weekend...the weather was good for the most part.  Friday was a little cold and it was a little windy, but the sun was out for Saturday & Sunday!  I got a little jump start on my summer tan!  A friend ask me on Saturday if the market was worth it as far as a business decision goes...I have to say my answer is yes.  For my first show I think I did all right!  I learned so much about pricing, different shows, met some great people and made a few connections.  

The vendor next to me was awesome and I look forward to a great friendship.  By the end of the weekend I think we had shared our life stories with each other!  Her name is Amy and she is the creator of Custom Creations.  She has some of the coolest bags, pillows, animals, quilts.  Really, she can do anything!  :o)  She even said she would do the bedding for our next baby (and no we are not prego)!  She is the mother of 5 beautiful girls and has even offered them as babysitters for Kellen!  Love it!

I have so much I want to accomplish this month before the next show in May!

1) Get my Diaper Cakes up on the blog
2) Make 5 new tote bags
3) Make 5 of my newest creations
4) Make a boy version of the Diaper Cake
5) Make some tulle flowers
6) Take an inventory of my current stuff and see what needs to be replaced

It feels good to get a to do list going!  Maybe this will help with my procrastination!  Have a great week!  

Fun Friday!

This weekend I am at the Woodstock Market & Show!  If you are local, please stop by and say hi!  On Saturday and Sunday there will be entertainment for the kiddos!  Saturday is also a fundraiser with live music and a car show!  Hope to see you there!!!  Don't miss Super Sunday...I will tell you all about the weekend and I have a surprise!  :o)  

Happy Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!