To Etsy or Not???

Photos are from my Solid Collection 
I can do any color combo just let me know what you are looking for...
 3 pinks, 2 purples turquoise, brown, black, olive green, red, navy, orange, yellow, white, apple green, 

That is a question I have been mulling over for some time.  I have had lots of people suggest it...I have looked into it and even opened a shop.  The huge plus of Etsy is getting your stuff out there, but at the same time the HUGE negative is all the competition that you are up against.  Most people will go to Etsy and type in what they are searching for and up pops a ton of options.  As a consumer that is awesome and overwhelming all at the same time.  As Little Boo Creations that is just overwhelming depending on where your item comes on the list....I mean what if mine comes in last....who is going to REALLY scroll through all 100+ items that come up???

So the question remains, to Etsy or not?  I know that it would be easier for some of my family and friends that have ordered back home to see what I have and to see the different fabrics.  I keep thinking that I will be able to get a website up and this issue would become void, but so far I am not having luck with the website.  Another thing about Etsy is the cost...I know it is not a ton, but it seems like everything cost something.

Today I was invited to the Atlanta Momtrepreneur Exchange where I got to meet 8 other moms just like me that have started there own businesses.  Shari  from Davey Cakes (who I got connected with through my SIL Amanda) invited me and I was so glad that I got to attend.  We really talked about Social Media and what it can do for your business, which was very interesting to listen to and feel like I am headed down the right track.  

I think for now I will continue just taking orders through email and Facebook.  I will keep you updated on my Etsy status.   Feel free to give me your opinion on the matter, I would love to hear what you all think!


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