Striking Out...

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." ~ George Herman "Babe" Ruth

I chose this quote because it was a perfect lead in to tell you about my weekend!  Here are a few pictures from my set up!  The wind was really blowing so my things are a little wind blown and the pollen was out of control.  My black table cloths were almost yellow when I took them up yesterday!  :o)  Oh and you will see my new creation!  Custom Diaper Cakes!!!

I tried really hard to get a Super Sunday Post up, but after three days at Woodstock Market & Show, I was wiped out and don't think I really moved from the couch until I forced myself to go to bed!  

What a great weekend...the weather was good for the most part.  Friday was a little cold and it was a little windy, but the sun was out for Saturday & Sunday!  I got a little jump start on my summer tan!  A friend ask me on Saturday if the market was worth it as far as a business decision goes...I have to say my answer is yes.  For my first show I think I did all right!  I learned so much about pricing, different shows, met some great people and made a few connections.  

The vendor next to me was awesome and I look forward to a great friendship.  By the end of the weekend I think we had shared our life stories with each other!  Her name is Amy and she is the creator of Custom Creations.  She has some of the coolest bags, pillows, animals, quilts.  Really, she can do anything!  :o)  She even said she would do the bedding for our next baby (and no we are not prego)!  She is the mother of 5 beautiful girls and has even offered them as babysitters for Kellen!  Love it!

I have so much I want to accomplish this month before the next show in May!

1) Get my Diaper Cakes up on the blog
2) Make 5 new tote bags
3) Make 5 of my newest creations
4) Make a boy version of the Diaper Cake
5) Make some tulle flowers
6) Take an inventory of my current stuff and see what needs to be replaced

It feels good to get a to do list going!  Maybe this will help with my procrastination!  Have a great week!  


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