Is It Really Monday???

I am not sure where time is going to???  I have the best intentions to blog daily, but my schedule is crazy (or maybe it is due to not having one)!  When I was working in the Corporate world, I kept a great "to do" list and had a schedule and I had one for home too!  Since having Boo I really have just not been able to keep up with any of the house work or daily chores that should be done!  Like today I am working on my massive laundry pile that has built up from the last two weeks.  I do have to say that for the last two weeks I have kept the dishes out of the sink and not let them pile up!  :o)  7 more days and I will have created a habit instead of a chore!  Haha!  I always thought if I was a stay-at-home mom I would have the perfect house and dinner on the table when the hubby got home...boy was I wrong!!!

Since starting Little Boo Creations I have created even more chaos in my house.  Not only do we not have any extra room for all of the stuff, but now more than ever I feel like I am falling behind in everything.  I just don't feel like I am being a good wife, mommy, friend, business owner, and all of the other obligations that I have in my life.  I kind of feel like I am spreading myself too thin!  :o)  So after I get though this week I am so coming with a schedule!

But this week my focus is on getting ready for the Atlanta Baby & Child Expo.  I am super excited and can't wait to see how it goes (and SO nervous)!!!  Just a couple of the people that I know personally that will be there are Davey Cakes and Angela's Oven.  The Event is being hosted by Bottles to Britches Premier Baby Planners!  There is going to be a ton of giveaways!  So if you are expecting a baby or a mama to kiddo(s) preschool age and younger this is the event for you!  Hope to see you there!  :o)

Enjoy your week!


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