Motivation Monday #2

I recently got involved in the world of Twitter and through that I have found some really cool blogs that are written by some really cool people!  One of the coolest ones has been Ashley from The Shine Project.  I can't even tell you how I stumbled upon this blog, but I am SO glad I did!  It is hard NOT to get motivated after reading about The Shine Project!  So for Motivation Monday I wanted to share it with you!  Plus she has these weekly challenges that can help us all work on really shining!  So PLEASE make sure that you check it out!

Picture is from The Shine Project Blog
Ashley has these cool necklaces for sale on her blog with $1 from each one going to a GREAT cause!

How did it motivate me?   It made me really start to think about what I want from Little Boo Creations.  How do I want to Shine???  Little Boo has already given me so much!  So far I am loving the creativity of it all!  I have loved the time I get to just be creative and play with the ideas I have or that Friends & Family are sending me!  Plus there is potential for me to contribute to my family, by doing something that I really love and still getting to stay at home with my Boo.  But the real thing that Ashly helped me realize is that I also want to do something bigger with Little Boo Creations, that goes beyond me!  I want to be able to give just as much as Little Boo has given me.  So one of  my goals for this week is to pick one of my creations or create something special that a certain $$$ amount will go somewhere special!  I have a couple of things that are close to my heart so I plan to take some time and narrow it down to one (for now) and find a charity/foundation to contribute it to!

My other goals for this week are to really get some work done.  The Woodstock Market & Show is creeping up on me.  I have not got a lot done in the last couple of weeks...I have been really just hanging with Boo and trying to get him healthy!  :o)  So this week I want to....
  1. Get 5 Tote Bags Done
  2. Place my Ribbon Order
  3. Work on some Zebra Headbands (Really this is for myself)  :o)  
  4. Finish a Flower that my Aunt wants! 
  5. Finish my Niece's B-day gift
  6. Get more pictures up for ALL the collections!  :o)  
I am thinking it is going to be a busy week!  :o)  Now to go and hang with Boo!  Enjoy your Monday!  Now lets all go out and SHINE!  :o) 


Deborah Anne Whitfield said...

So proud of you Steph. I have finally trained SS to keep headbands in her hair...I I want to get with you about placing an order. I will call you this week.

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