(Very) Thankful Thursday!

Today is Thankful Thrusday...here is how it works!  I have so many people that I want to say "Thanks" to that I want to take some time to highlight each of them!  At the same time I want to say "Thanks" to my loyal readers so at the end of each post I will run a sale!

My Hubby & Me

Today I have to thank my husband.  He really is my biggest cheerleader.  He is my best friend, soul mate, and any other word you can think of.  He is the best daddy and husband there is.  He is quick to smile and has a corny joke for all occasions.  He is strong yet sensitive, kind and gentle, loving, and full of life.  He knows all my secrets and yet he still loves me and believes that I can do ANYTHING!!!  We have made some scarifies for me to be able to stay at home, but not once has he complained.  He  just keeps on supporting me in all I do.

From the moment I mentioned Little Boo he has been there holding my hand and cheering me on.  He has spent countless hours helping me with different things that I have needed.  I call him the CFO of Little Boo...he helps me with all the numbers and business part.  I handle all of the creative parts, although he has helped out a time or two in the creative part.  

I am so thankful for him.  I really do not know where I would be without him in my life!  He really is my other half!  :o)  

Daddy & Boo building me a light box!

So in honor of him anything in the team sprit collection is 20% off!  That includes headbands, regular clips, mini clips, Hats/Beanies, and team color tutu's!  Sale ends tonight at 11:59 pm!!!

Please e-mail me @ littleboocreations@gmail.com with any questions or orders!  Thanks!


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