Thankful Thursday!

Today is Thankful is how it works!  I have so many people that I want to say "Thanks" to that I want to take some time to highlight each of them!  At the same time I want to say "Thanks" to my loyal readers so at the end of each post I will run a sale!

This cutie is Little Miss G.  She is the sweet daughter of my very good friend Sarah! Little Miss G. has been a blessing from the start.  Sarah and I met through our husbands about 6 years ago!  We have one of those relationships that no matter how much time passes due to our crazy lives we just pick up where we left off.  There are not many people that I talk with for long periods on the phone, but when Sarah and I talk we might has well clear the next hour, because we can talk!  I am not sure what we talk about, but all I know is rarely do we have a quick chat!  :o)

From day one Sarah has been my biggest cheerleader.  She has been there to listen to me vent when ever I've needed, she always has a shoulder ready when I need it.  I know that any time I am excited about anything or need someone (other than Bubba) she is there ready to lend me her ear!  For this I am thankful for our friendship!  Thank you Sarah for everything!

Little Miss G. is wearing a light pink with a chocolate brown button from the Solid Collection!

In honor of Little Miss G. any item from the Solid Collection is 20% off!!!  That includes headbands, regular clips, mini clips, & Hats/Beanies!  Sale ends tonight at 11:59 pm!!!

Please e-mail @ with any questions or orders!  Thanks!


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